Islington Park Street Community: a model for alternative housing in London

Melissa Fernández profiles Islington Park Street Community (IPS), a long-established mixedneeds housing that provides a mutually supportive permanent home for people with mixed backgrounds, needs and abilities. Fernández believes IPS provides a model that could help those facing mental of physical challenges to sustain healthy independent living via mutual support. Housing associations should be educated in this approach. Moreover, IPS could be seen as a possible model for the effective and low cost reuse of obsolete owned sheltered housing and care homes.

The full report can be downloaded here.

Home advantage: Housing the young employed in London

LSE London conducted a research project for Sutton Trust on the effects of the housing supply shortage and its impact on young workers. One of the findings is that house prices are driving young graduates and workers away from London.

The research was commissioned by Sutton Trust.

The full report can be accessed here.

Book Launch: Migration and London’s Growth

On 15 December, LSE London launched the final report of our Migration Book CoverHEIF5 project on Migration and the Transformation of London. The book is comprised of a collection of papers which explore the impact of migration on London’s economy and the lived experience of the city’s workers and residents. Three chapters additionally provide international perspective and discuss the impact of migration on Amsterdam, New York, and Switzerland.

The full text of the new book can be accessed here.

Contributors to the book include:

  • Ben Kochan (Editor)
  • Kerwin Datu
  • Antoine Paccoud, LSE
  • Ian Gordon, LSE
  • Paresh Shah, London Higher
  • Jonathan Beaverstock, University of Bristol
  • Aymo Brunetti, Universität Bern
  • Jonathan Portes, NIESR
  • Robert C. Kloosterman, Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • Christine Whitehead, LSE
  • David Goodhart, DEMOS
  • Shamit Saggar, University of Essex
  • Tony Travers, LSE
  • John Mollenkopf, CUNY

The book also draws on a report by Ian Gordon, Tony Travers and Christine Whitehead, ‘Alternative approaches to a living wage for London: a methodological review’.