The Project

Immigration is one of today’s most conflictual issues. There is disagreement about how immigration affects economies and about how national policy can improve growth and support social cohesion and welfare. Stakeholders include not only policy makers and migrants themselves but indeed almost all of society.

London has a particular stake in the debate—it is the UK destination of choice for migrants from all parts of the income and education spectra, many of its industries depend on specialist migrant labour, and it is home to communities from all over the world.

This HEIF 5 project brings together London policymakers, experts and those who drive the economy to provide an evidence basis and a forum for informed debate about how international immigration affects London, looking at patterns of socio-demographic change; labour market impacts; housing and cohesion; the effects on local services; and the role of immigration in the city’s cultural industries and higher education. The two-year series of workshops, seminars, conferences and publications will monitor and disseminate relevant research and evidence.

Each of the thematic event and publication links will be listed below as the project progresses.