‘Migration and the transformation of London’ is a two-year project led by LSE London that provides evidence basis and a forum for informed debate about how international immigration affects London, looking at patterns of socio-demographic change and their relevance to the following thematic clusters:

Higher Education

Housing and Cohesion

Labour Market

Local Services & Facilities

Socio-demographic Change


Each of the thematic clusters is associated to a series of invitation-only events (workshops and seminars) that bring together key stakeholders. These are followed by two major open conferences (October 2013 and March 2014) that will present the findings to broader audiences and a co-authored book. Reports, framing and briefing papers, and blog posts will be produced throughout the project years. These events and publications will enable LSE London to systematise knowledge regarding ‘migration and the transformation of London’, transmit it beyond the academy and support detailed discussion to move the debate on.

The project focuses on disseminating analysis of research, statistics and policy and uses  data from the 2011 Census to track changes in the socio-economic makeup of London, in particular how the concentrations of different population groups have changed, their participation in the labour market and need for services and social and physical infrastructure. The role that international migrants play in different parts of the London economy and its implications for public expenditure, housing, transport and other aspects of London’s wellbeing will also be looked at.