How is London Being Transformed by Migration?

LondonConf_03.24.14 With the many shifts that have taken place over the past few years in the UK migration regime, the new net migration figures and the detail now about how and where migrants are living in London made available through the 2011 Census, this conference provided a timely opportunity to bring together current knowledge and research on the impact of migration on London and its economy. Chaired by Barbara Roche from ‘Migration Matters‘ and Ben Rogers, from Centre for London, the conference drew together all thematic strands from this two-year LSE London project, with expert speakers addressing recent changes from a variety of perspectives.

Below are links to all conference documents and presentations:

Framework Paper:

Settlement patterns of rich and poor-country migrants into the London metropolitan region since 2001
Kerwin Datu, Department of Geography and Environment

Session 1: Setting the Context – Impacts of Migration 2001-2011
[Listen to Podcast of Session 1 presentations here]

What we have learned from the last decade
Antoine Paccoud, LSE Fellow in Human Geography

White Flight?
Eric Kaufmann, Professor of Politics, Birkbeck College

Session 2: Implications – Bigger
[Listen to Podcast of Session 2 presentations here]

Implications for the London Plan
Jeremy Skinner, Head of Strategic Projects and Policy Evaluation, GLA

Implications for residential displacement
Ian Gordon, Professor of Human Geography, LSE

Session 3: Implications – Different
[Listen to Podcast of Session 3 presentations here]

Implications for politics
Tony Travers, Director, LSE London

Implications of ethnic diversity on innovation
Max Nathan, Deputy Director, What Works Centre on Local Economic Growth

Implications for business
Sara Parker, London Director, Confederation of British Industry