Feasible Approaches to Estimating the UK’s Irregular Migrant Population in April 2011: A roundtable discussion

This round-table, held on on 9 October, discussed the state of actual/potential play on re-estimating the size of the (UK) irregular population in the light of the data now available from the 2011 Census on the actually enumerated foreign-born population. Relevant invited experts collectively thought through what would be required to do this as properly as can be, and what problems would have to be overcome. Professor Ian Gordon chaired the session and a drinks reception followed.


Specific questions addressed were:

Whether a repeat of this exercise is now feasible (both technically and politically);
What different problems would have to be overcome, after developments in the past decade (including the Case Resolution programme); and
Who would be in a position to pursue this – or may already be doing so (?) – in what ways.

The following organisations were represented in the high-level discussion: