The New Population and Household Projections: Implications for London Seminar

faces This event combined two strands, examining the impact of the changing demographics on housing and labour markets.  It looked at the findings from the census and its impact on population and household projections. The event was be chaired by Tony Travers and speakers included Christine Whitehead, Neil McDonald and John Lett.

The census suggests not only that there has been rapid population growth in London since 2001 but also that household growth has been constrained  -perhaps by economic but also housing market factors as well as demographic changes – including the longer term impact of the higher migration rates early in the decade.  The DCLG household projections suggest more generally that there are fundamental changes going on in terms of household formation concentrated among younger age groups but also among older people.

This seminar aimed to explore some of these issues particularly with respect to London. It also started to look at what might be the implications for planning for housing over the next plan period. Speakers discussed the issues above from a range of viewpoints followed by discussion, debate and a drinks reception.


Setting the scene -evidence of changing behaviour?
Professor Christine Whitehead
Department of Economics, LSE

How demographics and the economic downturn are affecting the way we live
Neil McDonald
Visiting Fellow at the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research