Project Launch: Opening Roundtable

This roundtable was the first of a two-year series of HEIF 5 events and publications on ‘Migration and the Transformation of London’ concentrating on the impacts of migration on London.

The afternoon event, chaired by Tony Travers, brought together expert speakers to first identify key information about numbers and attributes of migrants including migration definitions, socio-economic groupings, entry rules and the legal position of migrants; followed by a more specific look into what is known and how we may want to approach the role and impact of migrants in the areas of employment, housing and local services and facilities. A drinks reception followed.


Overall trends in stocks and flows and the role of large employers
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Professor John Salt, Migration Research Unit, UCL

Current Home Office rules and their relevance to London
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Martin Ruhs, Senior Researcher & Director of Oxford’s Migration Observatory

Who comes to London and how do they fit in the labour market?
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Professor Ian Gordon, LSE Department of Geography and Environment

Wider economic impacts of immigration
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Dr. Max Nathan, SERC & National Institute of Economic and Social Research

Is housing the main cost of migration? The evidence
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Christine Whitehead and Kath Scanlon, LSE London

Local Services
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Pamela Meadows, National Institute of Economic and Social Research