Ground-clearing Roundtable

This small invitation-only roundtable marked the beginning of that project. Invitees included a select group of senior and expert individuals on migration and London from the policy, non-profit, academic and private sectors.

Apart from establishing a core network of expert partners, the purpose of this brainstorming session was to agree upon priorities to be addressed by each of the project’s thematic clusters: talent, higher education, housing and cohesion, labour market, socio-demographic change and local services and facilities. Participants offered invaluable perspectives in establishing some of the terms of the future debate.

One of the key ideas that emerged that day was that the next stage should be should be to ‘clear the ground’ with a session on: (a) what we already know about migration in London and (b) what the big migration issues are at the moment.

Ground-clearing Roundtable: Report